2010 Summit
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Can help with:
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Online Handle(s): eg. Skype, twitter, facebook
Virtual Office
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Brian Allen

Allen_Ning_Photo.jpgBensalem Township School District
Position: Computer Teacher 7th & 8th Grade
Can help with: Ning, Tagul, Diigo, GoogleDocs, SchoolWires, Mapwing (Virtual Tour)
Website: //www.bensalemsd.org/mrallen//
email: ballen (at) bensalemsd.org/
Two cool projects we did: http://tinyurl.com/ShaferTour2010 http://tinyurl.com/StudentReviews2010
My keystone submission video: http://tinyurl.com/39rfnu7

Rick Auvil

United School District - Indiana County
Can help with: Audacity, Remote Podcasting, Podcasting Classroom Applications, Integrated Academics, Wikispaces, Windows Audio
Experience: 33 years teaching secondary classroom music, band, guitar, theater, technology mentor and presenter.
B.S. Music Education, M.A. Music Theory and Composition
Special Interests: Playing music - symphonic and jazz
Website: Wiki Integrated Academics and others
Online Handle(s): Facebook: Rick Auvil, Skype Rick.Auvil
E-mail : rauvil@unitedsd.net (work)
livua@hotmail.com (personal)

Melissa Beal

mb.jpgEverett Area School District
Position: 6th Grade Reading and Language Arts
Can help with: Skype, Wikis, Numonics Intelliboard, SchoolWires
Website: http://www.everett.k12.pa.us/1450208101241447/site/default.asp
Email: mbeal@everett.k12.pa.us
Online Handles: Skype - molebeal Twitter - MoleB Facebook: Melissa (Cottle) Beal

Barb Brown

Jenn's_Wedding_Day.jpgBlackhawk School District - Northwestern and Patterson Primary Schools
Experience: K-2 Computer Teacher (8 yrs) - Primary Computer Facilitator (6 yrs) - Teacher Training Designer - Master's of Education (Curriculum and Technology)
Can help with: Webpage desgn, Photo Story, Smartboard and Smart Response, Photography
Interests: Family (the picture is from my daughter's wedding in July 2010) Reading, Crafts, Technology, Photography, and Video Editing
Website: Patterson Primary School and Northwestern Primary Schooll
Online Handle(s): Barb Brown (Facebook)
E-mail : brownb@bsd.k12.pa.us (school)
bbrown228@comcast.net (home)

Jennifer Brinsonn1264975326_7888.jpg

Can help with: Web 2.0 tools, Differentiated Instruction, Flip cameras, iMovie, Diigo, Ning (or grou.ps), Animoto, wallwisher
Experience: 13 years as a Social Studies teacher in a high school , 1 year as an Instructional Coach - and loving it!
Student Government Advisor, Model UN Coach, Student Forum Facilitator
DEN Leadership Council for PA - Events Team
Special Interests: Traveling, Golden Retrievers (therapy dog work), Fishing of any kind, Cooking
Website: Wikispace: SHS Instructional Tools
Online Handle(s): eg. Skype: jbrinson21, twitter: jbrinson21, facebook: Jennifer Brinson
email: jbrinson@stsd.org

Rachel Burgett

P1010250.JPGNorthern York County School District
Can help with: Microsoft Word, Glogster, Kidspiration, Media Blender
Experience: 4 years teaching 2nd grade, currently pursuing a Master's in Literacy Education
Special Interests: Reading, the beach, scrapbooking, Steeler Football, field hockey, entertaining and spending time with family and friends
Website: My Class Website
Online Handle(s): Facebook, Skype - Rachelannburgett
E-mail : rburgett@nycsd.k12.pa.us (work)
rachelaburgett@hotmail.com (personal)

Maryann Calpin

East Stroudsburg Area School District
Can help with Flip videos, and iMovie
Special Interests: reading, being at the beach, golden retrievers,
Website: N/A
Online Handle(s):
email: maryann-calpin@esasd.net

Jodi Crytzerweemee.jpg

Freeport Area School District
Can Help With: Glogster, Kerpoof, Wikispaces
Experience: I have jumped between grades one, two and three for the past thirteen years. This year I will begin a new position as the elementary gifted teacher.
Online Handle: Skype: jodi.crytzer
School Email: crytzer@freeport.k12.pa.us

Personal Email

John Danchisko

KTI_2_Use2.jpgWoodland Hills School District
Can help with: Google Docs, Web 2.0, Promethean, Prezi
Experience: 4 yrs English/ Language Arts (9-12)
Special Interests: Literature, Water Polo, Music, Grilling

Wiki: mrdanchisko.wikispaces.com (email me for access)
Online Handle(s): Skype - dancjo.whsd; Twitter- mrdanchisko
School E-mail: dancjo@whsd.net
Home E-mail: dancjo@gmail.com

Jessica Egolf

egolf.JPGDallastown Area School District
Experience: 10 years elementary (K-5) Computer Teacher, Building Technology Integrator
Next year- will be working in two K-3 buildings
Can help with: Animoto, Audacity, Jing, SMART Board, SMART Table, Skype, PhotoStory & Movie Maker, Inspiration, Kidspiration, Kerpoof, Tech Integration = I often feel like a Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of None!
Special Interests: spending time at the beach, playing outside, reading, Redskins football, spending time with family and friends
Online Handle(s): Skype: mrs.egolf, Twitter: jegolf
email : jessica.egolf@dallastown.net

Michelle Eichelberger

PS I'm the short one
Special Interests: Scrapbooking and coaching softball, About Me
Website: https://sites.google.com/a/cfsd.info/meichelberger/
Online Handle(s): Facebook: Michelle Eichelberger, Skype: chemphysteach, Twitter:meichel
Email: meichelberger@tiu11.org
Quote: “Effective teachers MUST be life-long learners and we must pass this on to our students. If we expect our students to take risks we must also try new and different ways to teach them.” - M.Eichelberger

Adam Ehrhart

Can help with: Mac Applications (Garageband, IMovie, IDVD, IWeb) Game-based learning, web page design
Experience: 10 years teaching (5th grade)
Website: http://web.me.com/aehrhart/Site/Welcome.html
Online Handle(s): Skype: littlemonkman, twitter: ehrharta, facebook: Adam Ehrhart

Dawn Elchin

Windber Area School District, Cambria County, IU8
external image 4796634046_04a3895092.jpg
Teaching Areas: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, and Ecology
Can Help with: Web resources, Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, Embedded projects
Special Interest: Dance, volleyball, my kids
Website: www.windberschools.org
E-mail: delchin@windberschools.org

Karen Farmelo

Otto Eldred School District
Experience: 5 years 8-12 teacher of Family and Consumer Science and Physical Science
Can Help with: Word, PPT, Moviemaker, SMART board, Wikis
Special Interests: Cooking, Gardening, Reading, Family
Online Handle(s): skype-karen.farmelo, twitter-kfarmelo, Facebook
email: kfarmelo@ottoeldred.org

Christopher Ferry

New Castle Area School District
Experience: 6 Years teaching kindergarten
Can help with: RM Easiteach, SMART board, FreeClass
Special Interests: Elluminate vClassroom, Hockey, Movies
Online Handle(s): Skype-cferryhwl, twitter-cferry27, facebook
email: cferry@ncasd.com

Peggy Fisher

Peg and Cy at Sitting Bull Falls
Peg and her son Cy at Sitting Bull Falls in Carlsbad NM!

Can help with: Moodle, Programming (Web Design, C#, XNA, etc), MS Office 2007 (all products)
Special Interests: Programming, Game Programming, Robotics, Photography
Online Handle(s): eg. Skype, twitter,Peg Knapp Fisher (facebook)
email: mjf46@mcsdk12.org
Virtual Office :

Casey Flaherty

Tussey Mountain School District
Can help with: Microsoft Word, iMovie, Podcasts
Experience: 1 year teaching High School World Cultures and American History
Special Interests: Music, Movies, Celtic Culture, Bagpipes
Online Handle(s): Facebook, Keystone Commons - cflaherty
email : cflaherty at tmsd.net (work)

Christina FrankEuro_2010_350.jpg

Montour High School, Pittsburgh, PA
Experience: 22+ years; Chemistry, Physics, Etc.
Can help with: Wimba Classroom; Vernier Software and Equipment; Bamboo Electronic Tablet
Special Interests: reading, biking, hiking
Online Handle(s): cjfrank
email: qgeek@hotmail.com

John Gabriele

Can help with: CoverItLive, Google Earth, VoiceThread, Issuu
Special Interests: animation, music, video
Website: http://gabrielehmswiki.wikispaces.com/
Online Handle(s): jgabriele
email : jgabriele@hershey.k12.pa.us

Erin Glover

Tuscarora School District; James Buchanan Middle School
Experience: 6 years as middle school librarian (5 years teaching information literacy skills classes)
Can help with: Office, Open Office, Web 2.0, Mimio, PRS, Photostory, Moviemaker, Garageband
Special Interests: cooking, reading, movies, crafty stuff, french bulldogs
Website: libraryscientists.wikispaces.com
Online Handle(s): Skype: erin_glover
email: erin.glover@tus.k12.pa.us erin.glover@gmail.com

Michelle Hapich

Math Teacher, Ambridge Area High School
Can help with: Wikis, Diigo, Glogster, Discovery, Math2.0 :)
Special Interests: My kids & summer
Website: ambridge.wikispaces.com
Online Handle(s): Skype: michelle.hapich, twitter: mhapich, facebook
email : mhapich@ambridge.k12.pa.us


Nicole Hill

DuBois Area School District
Can help with: Glogster, Edmodo, Flip Video, Movie Maker, Photostory, Audacity, Scratch,
Special Interests: School Television
Online Handle(s): Skype: cmnickyhill Twitter, Plurk: nhill
email mrs.nhill at gmail.com

Michael Johnsonwiki.jpg

Abington School District - - Abington, PA - - Overlook Elementary
Experience: Teaching 6th grade for 6 years. Experienced with technology integration and implementation of most of the software listed below.
Can help with: Adobe Premiere Elements, Windows MovieMaker, ActivStudio, ActivInspire, Microsoft Office, ActivExpressions, ActivSlave, Activboards, Super Duper Music Looper, Instructional/Student Navigator Software, WavePad Sound Editor
Special Interests: Poetry, Music, Ministry, gadgets, traveling, & photography
Website: N/A
Online Handle(s): eg. Skype: Delos_Speaks, Twitter: Delos_Speaks, facebook: Michael Johnson
email: johnmv@abington.k12.pa.us

Beverly Keegan

Central Bucks SD---Mill Creek Elementary---Warrington, PA
head_shot.jpgExperience: 13 yrs. in elem. ed; last 10 yrs serving as library media specialist
Can help with: Movie Maker, Audacity, Podbean, Noodletools, Blogs, Social Networking, Sharepoint
Special Interests: Reading, running, and being (or trying to be) a Facebook comedian
Professional Interest: Using technolog to get kids more excited about reading
Website: www1.cbsd.org/schools/millcreek/library
Blog: notyourmomslibrarian.blogspot.com
Online Handle(s): Skype: beverly.keegan; Twitter: Iheartwimpykids; Goodreads: Beverly Keegan
Email : bkeegan@cbsd.org

Kristen Landers

Business Education Teacher
Redbank Valley School District
I can help with: Office, MovieMaker, Photostory, wikis, Delicious and integrating technology into your classroom.
Skype: kristen.landers
Twitter: klanders74
Wikis: kcworkshops.wikispaces.com
Email: klanders@redbankvalley.net
Other: K-12 Technology Integrator

Brooke K. Langan

East Stroudsburg Area School District

District Tech Integration Specialist (3 yrs – current position), TV/Video Production (6 yrs), English 7-12 (8 yrs)

Can help with:
iLife ’09 software, Moodle, Google Apps, moviemaking & podcasting
Special Interests: camping, biking, reading, my family & tech gadgets
ESASD EdTech PD Pages
Online Handle(s): Skype (langanb), facebook (Brooke K. Langan)
email: brooke-langan@esasd.net

Mary Lehman

Stony Brook Elementary School, Central York School District, York, PA
Experience: Third Grade Teacher (3 years) Kindergarten Teacher (15 years)
Can help with: SMART Board and SMART Products; Google (Certified Google Teacher); Geocaching; Elementary Projects
Special Interests: Environment; Phillies; Eagles and my Yorkie "Rocky"
Website: http://tinyurl.com/24nc6k7; http://web.me.com/mlehman/Global_Trotting/Welcome/Welcome.html
Online Handle(s): Skype - mlehman8; twitter - mlehman
email: mlehman@cysd.k12.pa.us mlehman8@comcast.net mlehman8@gmail.com

Dawn Logan

Bethlehm Center High School - Fredericktown PA

Experience: Science Teacher 9-12 (12 years experience)
Can help with: Office, Google docs, Inspiration, Wikispaces, Google sites
Special Interests: training and showing dogs
Website: www.sites.google.com/site/loganscience
Online Handle(s): skype: dawn.logan, Facebook
email : logand@bc.k12.pa.us

Rachel Mallinger

Montour School District- Montour High School, Pittsburgh, PA
Spanish teacher grades 9-12 (five years, current position); Spanish teacher grades 4-8 (one year)
Can help with:
Videoconferencing, Blackboard, iMovie, Skype
Special Interests:
Travel, Cooking, Gardening, Running
Online Handle:
Skype: Rachel.Mallinger
Email: mallingerr@mail.montourschools.com

Anthony Martella

external image 3224237028_81fb2691aa_t.jpg

New Brighton Area School District, 7th grade science
Can help with: Google Docs, Student Response Systems (Qwizdom), Eno boards, Website Design, myVRspot
Special Interests: golf, outdoor activities, family
Website: www.mrmartella.com
Online Handle(s): mrmartella (twitter, diigo), amartella (skype, facebook)
email : amartella@nbsd.k12.pa.us

Darlene MartinBlackhawk School District - Highland Middle School, Beaver Falls, PA
Experience: 13 years as middle school (6th & 7th grades) technology teacher, building and district technology facilitator/integrator
Can help with: Office, Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, integrating technology, etc.
Special Interests: Facebook, Ebay, knitting & my kids!
School Website: http://computer-class.blackhawk.hms.schoolfusion.us
Online Handle(s): Skype: darlene.martin10 Twitter: HMScompteacher
school email : martind@bsd.k12.pa.us
home email: compteacher@verizon.net

Joe Martin

East Stroudsburg Area School District
Experience: District Tech Integration Specialist (4 yrs – current position), Business Education (13yrs)

Can help with:
Google Apps, Moodle, Promethean, Digital Storytelling & Web 2.0
Special Interests: traveling, reading, skiing & my dogs

Website: ESASD EdTech PD Pages

Online Handle(s): Skype (jpjmartin)
email: joseph-martin@esasd.net

Tammy Miller

profile.JPGChestnut Ridge School District
Can Help With: Online Instruction & Curriculum, Instructional Coaching, Technology Integration
Experience: 22 years as a K-12 Music Teacher, 3 years as Instructional Technology Coach, Adjunct Faculty at Allegheny College of Maryland and Wilkes University
Special Interests:Technology, Reading, Swimming, Kayaking & Steeler football
Online Handle(s): Skype - tjmiller59, AIM - crmusicteacher, Facebook, Twitter - tjmiller
School E-mail: tmiller@crsd.k12.pa.us
Home E-mail: tjmiller@embarqmail.com

Michael Micco

IMG_1007.JPGNew Castle Area School District
Can help with: Google Docs, WizIQ
Special Interests: All kinds of technology, Notre Dame football
Online Handle(s): eg. Skype - m.micco
School E-mail: mmicco@ncasd.comP
Home E-mail: mmicco@gmail.com

Laura Ann Naser

IMG_0724.JPGPeters Township School District
Can help with: Wikispaces, Blogs, Voicethread, Animoto, iMovie, Audacity, Jing, Podomatic, Prezi, Web 2.0, Smartboard, Flip Cameras, Differentiated Instruction
Experience: 6 years Elementary Education (1st grade)
Master of Education in Technology with Technology Specialist Certification
Special Interests: Anything sports related (playing & watching) & Anywhere to soak up the sun! (beach, pool, boating)
Wikispaces: http://buzzerbee.wikispaces.com http://peterstownshipweb.wikispaces.com

Blogs: http://edublog-la.blogspot.com http://naserfirstgrade.blogspot.com

Online Handle(s): laser2411 on skype and gchat
School E-mail: naserl@pt-sd.org

Home E-mail: laser2411@gmail.com

Donna Nebistinsky

Northern York County School District
SDC10221.jpgCan help with: Collaboration and technology integration; Differentiated instruction
Special Interests: Gardening, Reading, Hiking
Online Handle(s): Facebook
School E-mail: dnebistinsky@nycsd.k12.pa.us
Home E-mail: djneb@comcast.net
Looking forward to finding out all about the Mentor program!

Megan Persa

Can help with: ActivInspire, Glogster, PhotoStory, MovieMaker
Experience: 4 years teaching Middle School Emotional Support
Special Interests: Reading, Gardening, Going to the beach, Snowboarding, Anything outdoors and active
Online Handles: Facebook, Skype (megan.persa)
email : persme@centennialsd.org (work) persa57@aol.com (personal)

Joe Podrebarac

Windber Area High School (Mathematics)
Can help with: Microsoft, Audacity
Special Interests: Tennis
Online Handle(s): eg. Skype(joseph.podrebarac)
email : jpodrebarac@windberschools.org
Virtual Office :

Tami ReadingerDaniel Boone Area School District
Can help with: teacher collaboration (I don't consider myself an expert in anything, but I do use technology in my classroom . . . SmartBoard, Elmo, Video Conferencing, Skype, Google Docs, Google Earth, PBworks.)
Experience: 12 years in 6th grade (currently Geography and Math)
Special Interests: Camping and Sports
Website: http://www.dboone.org/teachers/Tami%20Readinger/Pages/default.aspx

On-line Handles: Skype - tami.readinger and Facebook
School e-mail: readinge@dboone.org

Home e-mail​

Maria Rogers

East Stroudsburg Area School District
Experience: Kindergaten teacher 15 years
Can help with:
Special Interests:
Online Handle(s):
email maria-rogers@esasd.net

Vida Saylor
Loyalsock Township School District
Can help with: PhotoStory, Google Docs, Google Reader, Jing
Special interests: kayaking, cooking, eating, exercising
Websites: http://vidasaylor.com/, http://www.ltsd.k12.pa.us/49797091613277/site/default.asp?
School email:vsaylor@loyalsocklancers.org

Kerri Schegan

Kutztown Area School District
Can help with: Moodle, I-Movie, Garage Band, I-Pods
Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
Experience: 5 years teaching at Kutztown Area School District (3 years in second grade, 2 years in fourth grade). Currently finishing up my Masters in Reading and applying for a Reading Specialist/Litearcy Coach certificate.
Special Interests: reading, kayaking, my dog "Chase," Facebook, basic web design
School E-mail: kschegan@kasd.org

Linda Schirmer

Photo_on_2010-04-20_at_08.31.jpgClarion-Limestone High School
Position: Business Technology Teacher
Can help with: Webpage Design, HTML, Dreamweaver, Video Editing (I Movie, Pinnacle, Adobe Premiere), Flip Cameras, Anything Multimedia or Office Technologies
Special Interests: Coaching (Track and Cross Country), Scrapbooking, Vacations (Especially warm, sunny places) with my family, any kind of Fitness
Email: lschirmer@clasd.net OR linda@usachoice.net



Katie Schneider

Upper Merion Area HighIMG_2546.JPG School, Mathematics
Can help with: Geometer's Sketchpad, Wiki's, Quia
Special Interests: Running, Hiking, the beach, Softball, Philadelphia sports :)
Online Handle(s): Facebook, Twitter - kschneider421, Skype - kschneider421
E-mail: School - kschneider@umasd.org Personal - kschneider421@gmail.com

Leanne Schrier

Central Bucks High School West

Can help with: PowerPoint, ActivInspire, Inspiration, ActivExpressions, Geometer's Sketchpad



Lori Sheldon

L.Sheldon.pngWayne Highlands School District
Can help with: Wikispaces, Moodle, GarageBand, Podcasting, Google Applications, Glogster, Comic Life, Windows MovieMaker, Photostory 3, Diigo, Technology Integration, iMovie
Position: K-12 Technology Integration Coach
Experience: 13 years teaching third grade, 3 years as an instructional tech. coach
Online Handles: lorisheldon on skype, twitter, plurk, ichat, facebook, and gchat
Special Interests: ATV riding, raising chickens, hobby farm kinds of things, anything tech!
School E-mail: sheldon.lori@waynehighlands.org
Websites: http://www.keystonemoments.com http://sheldonworkshops.wikispaces.com

Lisa Smeltz

Tri-Valley School District
Can Help With: Technology Integration
Experience: 17 years teaching experience in elementary classroom (9 years in 3rd grade and 8 years in 6th grade)
Special Interests: Enjoying time with grandkids, reading, home imporvement projects, knitting, running,
School E-mail: lms@tri-valley.k12.pa.us

Sarah Sullenberger

Derry Area Middle School (Derry Area School District)
Can help with: wikis, Moodle, Glogster, Web 2.0 tools, Thinkfinity, Flip, Google docs, Open Office, professional development
Position: MS BCIT (currently)/adjunct faculty @ local college; also Social Studies (7-12)
Special Interests: spinning/cycling, sports (cheering for the Steelers & Penguins..and of course, Penn State football), reading
Website: derryarea.wikispaces.com
Online Handle(s): Twitter & Skype: damstechteacher; FB: Sarah Sullenberger
email: damstechteacher[at]gmail.com or ssullenberger[at]wiu.k12.pa.us

Kelly Terwilliger

icondirect.jpgKarns City Area School District
Can help with: Audacity, Glogster, Wikispaces, GoogleDocs, Windows MovieMaker, Photostory3, Blabberize, Collaboration and technology integration
Position: District Technology Coordinator, CFF/21st Century Teaching and Learning Coach
Experience: 23 years in the classroom-Elementary and Instructional technology Certifications, 13 years as Technology Coordinator and technology integrator
Special Interests: Gardening, Reading, Archery hunting, my German Shepherd-"Cheyenne"
School E-mail: kterwilliger@karnscity.k12.pa.us

Michael Venna

Southern Columbia Area School District
G.C. Hartman Elementary Center - Catawissa, PA
Experience: 10 years teaching experience (3rd grade - 9 years, 2nd grade - 1 year)
Team Leader, Tech Lead Teacher, Certified Principal
Can help with: Activboard, Microsoft Office, Technology Integration, Differentiated Instruction, Educational Leadership, Supervision
Special Interests: Motorcycles, Mixed Martial Arts, Remodeling, Competition
School e-mail : mvenna@scasd.usPersonal e-mail: msvenna@hotmail.com

Barb Wagner

Hempfield School District

mepic.jpg Grade 5 Teacher, Landisville Intermediate Center
Can help with: Google Apps, Turning Point, Easiteach
Special Interests: Music, volunteering, gardening
Skype: byw10057
Email: barb_wagner@hempfieldsd.org, byw100@comcast.net

Parke Wentling

Wilmington Area School District
New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
Can help with: Computer-Aided Drafting Applications, Promethean, Smart Technologies
Special Interests: Cycling, Rails-to-Trails (local), Rails-to-Trails (regional), Local Historic Preservation
Website: wasd.wikispaces.com
E-mail: wentling@wilmington.k12.pa.us

Janet Wright

external image IMG_2215.JPGLoyalsock Township School District
Can help with: Blogs, Google.Docs, collaborating with other teachers
Special Interests: dog training, fountain pen collecting, veggie cooking
Website: http://www.ltsd.k12.pa.us/49797012611619/site/default.asp
Online Handle(s): (ie. Skype)
email: jwright@loyalsocklancers.org
Home email: wheaties4@aol.com