Principles for Principals
Ann Noonen, Dwight Woodley, Kevin Conner, Kim Breuninger, Matt Dancho
Dana - 134


Welcome & Introductions

Communicating Across our Differences

Communicating Across Our Difference - Word Document

Qualities of Great Teaching - Web 2.0 Tools Demo

Access our brief questionnaire using a GoogleDocs Form
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Lessons of the Geese - Link to the PowerPoint referenced during the session.

Teaching and the H.E.A.T Framework

212 Degrees: The Degree of Difference
The H.E.A.T. Framework

LoTi Digital Age Survey

LoTi and SAS

We'll be using this document during our exploration of SAS (Standards Aligned System) and the LoTi framework


Langone Building (click on the Campus Map to see directions)

Breakout Sessions

Session 1 (All)

Building a PLN

Wikis or or
Social Bookmarks or
Keystone Commons

Session 2 & 3 (Your Choice)

LoTi Observer and Observation discussion

Moodle Contact Information. If you have any questions of either of the presenters we can be reached at: Keith Cremer email: Jason Heiser email:

iPads and iTouch in the Classroom: iPad/Smypad

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Pulse Pen Demo

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Useful Docs

LiveScribe Demo Videos

Future Training Dates

Wrap Up

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