Please put your name and information in the attached excel spreadsheet if you are interested and want more information.

The KTI Team wishes to thank everyone who helped make the 2010 KTI Summit a success and is specifically grateful for the generous donation provided by:


Microsoft donated Microsoft Expression and Microsoft Learning Suite software for all 2010 KTI’s.

Please Contact:Peg Fisher for more details.


This is a powerpoint that describes Microsoft's new software for Web design and Game programming. Also, there is contact information for Pat Phillips to sign up for a one year free subscription to Microsoft Developers Network - Academic Alliance which provides you with an abundant number of applications available for free download (not MS Office though).

Once everything is downloaded, it can remain on your pcs, but after the year is up, you cannot download to any new machines. The yearly subscription for a qualified school is $300 and you can sign up at any time.