The KTI Team wishes to thank everyone who helped make the 2010 KTI Summit a success and is specifically grateful for the continuous support of:


Pennsylvania's Association of Intermediate Units

Pennsylvania’s 29 intermediate units are an essential member of the Commonwealth’s public education system. Created in 1971, Pennsylvania Intermediate Units have a proud history of providing high-quality, cost-effective programs that benefit the students and staff of the commonwealth’s 500 public school districts and 2400 non-public schools. This year the KTI Summit is being supported through an ACT 183 E-Fund Grant awarded to the Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit Instructional Materials Services Directors through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The Grant is title the Keystone Virtual Campus (KVC) and ties together virtual classrooms, the PAIUnet social networking site (Keystone Commons), PDE’s SAS/related services and a PD tract for integrators, mentors and administrators. There are four major components: 1)Consolidate and expand video conferencing capacity, leveraging existing endpoints and bridges, to support collaboration between teachers, students and subject matter experts across the commonwealth; 2)Provide a centralized authentication system to create a collaborative application gateway system through the development of high availability server nodes; 3)Intertwine the KTI, PTLA and TIM initiatives to create comprehensive professional development tracks for integrators, mentors and administrators utilizing PAIUnet as the backbone for training initiatives; 4)Develop a high-quality cost effective video streaming content distribution system that allows for the sharing of content across that state.

Additional funding for the program is being provided by:

PAIUnet_logo.gif “Connecting Learners…Accelerating Results”

PAIUnet is a high-speed educational network that connects all 29 Intermediate Units and their member school districts throughout Pennsylvania. This statewide telecommunications delivery system was developed to support the mission and purpose of intermediate units, including the exchange of K-12 educational content and educational administrative support services. PAIUnet is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective telecommunications and support services that meet the needs of its member intermediate units, school districts, schools and libraries.

PAIUnet will make the following services available:
  • Internet, Internet2
  • Distance education
  • Videoconferencing
  • Research projects
  • Virtual field-trips
  • Professional development Joint courses
  • Hosted applications
  • Campus safety
  • Disaster recovery
  • Video-on-Demand