Google Docs with iPods

gFlash Pro Flashcards
Using a template, students collaborate to review for their exams.
This two-column template doc will create flashcards to be used on an iPod touch/iPhone using the content the students enter.
Share the doc, students populate the spreadsheet.
The ability to have images in the flashcards is worth the $4.99 app fee.
Students connect to their Google Docs through the app to download. Other download options can be from the gWhiz catalog or StudyStacks.

Morning Coffee

This is a Firefox add-on that with one click you can open all windows needed at once.


Cool thing for you mouse, like a spotlight.


Create a personalized avatar to embed in blogs, wikis, etc.
Can record voice via phone or microphone
Will be coming out with a ad-free classroom version (premium).

Today's Meet

Create a backchannel for professional development sessions or in your classroom. (I use it when my students are watching video clips to ask questions & for commentary)
You can set the chat room to delete in 2 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, etc. up to 1 year.


Generates safe links for Youtube videos (removes all the "junk" around the videos)
Can crop videos

Sample: "Wikis in Plain English" by commoncraft
Wikis in Plain English


2GB online storage
Sync files between computers
Share files
Online backup
Access from iPhone, iPad, Android

File sharing service
Can password protect/expires after a set period of time
external image dropio.png

Alternative to Google Docs, if Google Docs is too much for the user.
Has a document and a chat window. Comments are static unlike Google Docs.

An opensource Garageband-like app