Pulse Pen Ideas

General Ideas:
  • During lectures, assign a student to be the notetaking of the day. The PenCast of the day could be posted to the website for students to view at a later time. You could rotate which student is the notetaker throughout the course.
  • Create an Audio and Visual word wall for vocabulary.
  • Journal Writing (Kid Writing)
  • Storing Running Records
  • Use for report card assessments
  • Use for DIBELS
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Notes during meetings (teachers, parents, etc)
  • Back to School Night: student responses and parents ability ot hear those responses.
  • Keep track of class participation

Math Class Ideas:

Technology Education/Industrial Arts:
  • Use the Pulse Pen to record students' single-stroke vertical Gothic lettering technique
  • Use the Pulse Pen Livescribe Desktop to upload the student lettering product to a Wiki or other online medium for sharing with parents, friends, and/or family

Communication Arts:
  • Review spelling words (record voice "saying" the word and using it in a sentence), students can then spell the word
  • Vocabulary development: record the definition and students can guess the definition
Social Studies
  • Using paper to make a timeline and recording siginificant events on the timeline. Touching those "portions" of paper to reveal timeline events.
Questions We Have . . .
  1. Can Livescribe Pencasts be embedded
    Go to Help, Livescribe Desktop User Guide, page 56.