KTI Directors

Eric Rosendale, Ed.D.

Photo_on_2010-07-06_at_08.40.jpgCan help with: Moodle, CPS, Instructional Design/Technology Integration, SmartBoard, video conferencing...
Special Interests: Swimming, Boating, Camping, Racquetball
Website: www.bviu.org
Online Handle(s): Skype - egrbviu
email: egr@bviu.org
Virtual Office: Dr. Rosendale's Virtual Office

Lori Ceremuga

Can help with: Moodle, Instructional Design/Technology Integration, Video Conferencing, Thinkfinity, Digital Media, Video Editing, Electronic Portfolios, Office...
Special Interests: Technology Integration, Boating, Yoga, Reading and relaxing at the beach
Website: www.bviu.org
Skype: lbcbviu
Online Handle(s): Twitter--lbcbviu
Facebook: Do Not Use
email: lbc@bviu.org
Virtual Office: Lori Ceremuga's Virtual Office

2010 Staff

Chris Champion

Can help with: Moodle, Wikis, Geocaching, Podcasting, Video Editing, Social Networking
Special Interests: Cycling, X-C Skiing, Tech Integration as needed by the curriculum
Website: www.sparksofhope.org
Skype: chrischampion
Online Handle(s): Twitter--chrischampion
Facebook: http://facebook.com/chrischampion
email: chrisATcchampionDOTnet

Keith Cremer

Snapshot_20100726_6.jpgCan help with: Moodle, Glogster, Audacity, MovieMaker, United Streaming, Skype, Twitter, Jing, VoiceThread, BrainPop, MS Office, LogMeIn, Voki, PBWorks
Special Interests: Wii, Technology integration, Texas Hold'em, basketball reffing, wedding DJ'ing
Website: www.kcsound.com
Skype: mrkcdj
Blog: www.kcremer.blogspot.com, www.mrcremer.blogspot.com
Wiki: www.room104science.pbworks.com
Twitter: kcremer
email: kcremer@mounties.k12.pa.us; mrkcdj@aol.com
2010 Sessions Conducted: VoiceThread, Moodle, Student Response Systems


Jason Heiser

Social Studies Teacher, Selinsgrove High School, Selinsgrove PA

I can help with: Anything PC and given 5-10 minutes most MAC stuff
Special Interests: Social Studies, SharePoint, Moodle, Web 2.0, CRS, Google Earth, Differentiated Instruction, Lying for Learning, Whiteboards, Geocaching, and Technology Integration
Skype: jasont.heiser
Twitter: jtheiser
Online handles: jheiser, jtheiser
Email: jheiser@seal-pa.org 2010 Sessions: Digital Storytelling, Moodle

Stevie Kline

Stevie_100_150Technology Interator and Training Specialist Intermediate Unit 1
Can help with: Visual Literacy, Videoconferencing, Digital Storytelling (the Digitales way), Using Primary Sources (especially those from the National Archives), Discovery Education and Streaming, Content Integration, SAS, SMART Table, LoTi and H.E.A.T., NetTrekker, Jog the Web, delicious, TPACK, Professional Development, and organizing Content Collaboration Days.
Special Interests: Visual learning, brain research, professional development (especially for the reluctant), videoconferencing, Corvettes, sporting clays, geocaching (a newbie) and learning how to be a grandma!
Skype: Stevie.Kline
Email: klines@iu1.k12.pa.us
2010 sessions: Creating Sticky and H.E.A.T.ed Lessons and Presentations, Creating Student Sleuths - Online Primary Source Investigation, and Videoconferencing and Collaboration Creation

Dianne Krause

diannefebsmallkti.jpgK-12 Technology Staff Development Specialist - Wissahickon School District

I can help with: Wikis, Blogs, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Moodle, Diigo, Google Docs, Glogster, Discovery Education, Skype, Twitter, Comic Life, iLife, iWork, MS Office, World Language Integration, Web 2.0
Special Interests: Technology Professional Development, World Languages (French), Social Gaming (especially MUDs), Web 2.0
Website: http://diannekrause.com
Skype: dianne.krause
Twitter: diannekrause
Online Handle(s): diannekrause, soleil
Facebook: Dianne Krause
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/diannekrause
email: dkrause[at] wsdweb.org, diannekrause [at] gmail.com
2010 Sessions Conducted:Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0, Dig into Diigo, Go Green with Technology
If you contact me directly, I'll be glad to share my cell number.

Cathy Laguna

Laguna_pic.pngI Can help with: Wikis, Voice Threads, Web 2.0, Podcasting, Digital Cameras
Special Interests: Science, Movies, Differentiating Instruction, Online Education
Website: __**Mrs. Laguna's Web Page**__
Skype: claguna10
Twitter: claguna
email: __**claguna@qcsd.org**__, claguna10@gmail.com
2010 Sessions Conducted: Science 2.0, The All You Can Learn Buffet

Amy Musone

Third Grade Teacher, Central York School District, York, PA
I can help with: iLife, Web 2.0 Applications (Google Apps, Moodle, Skype, Wikispaces, etc.), Web Literacy, Online Collaboration
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/mrsmusonesclass200910/
Skype: amymusone
Twitter: amusone
email: amusone@cysd.k12.pa.us, amusone@gmail.com
2010 Sessions: Integrating Web 2.0 Into Language Arts Instruction, It's Time For Show and Tell, Web Literacy

Ann Noonen

Director of Technology, Crawford Central School District, Meadville, PA

AnnNoonen.jpgI can help with: Wikis, Skype, Twitter, Discovery Education, Thinkfinity, Copyright questions, podcasts/iTunes, Delicious, Google Docs, iPad - just ask, if I can't answer your question, I'll put you in touch with someone who can!
Special Interests: Effective use of technology in the teaching and learning process
Skype: anoonen
Twitter: anoonen
LinkedIn: anoonen
E-mail: anoonen [at] mac.com or ann.noonen [at] craw.org

2010 sessions: Using iTunes for Teaching & Learning, Online Research Tools, Principles for Principals

Dom Salvucci

High School Social Studies Teacher and K-12 Technology Integrator- New Brighton Area School District:
I can help with: Wikis, Blogs, Live Blogging, Polyvision Interactive Whiteboards, Elluminate, Wimba, Skype, Twitter, Diigo, Google Docs, Discovery Education, Mobile Technology in the classroom,
uStream.tv, flipcams, Google Apps for Education, and a bunch of other Web 2.0 tools.
Special Interests: Music, outdoors, the beach, emerging technology, literature.
Website: http://dsalvucci.wikispaces.com/
Skype: dominic.a.salvucci
Twitter: Dsalvucci
Blog: http://mrsal.edublogs.org/
LinkedIn: Dominic Salvucci
Facebook: Dominic.Salvucci
email: dsalvucci [at] nbsd.k12.pa.us and mrdsal [at] gmail.com
2010 Session Conducted:

Hank Wajda


Music Teacher, Robert K. Shafer Middle School, Bensalem Township School District, Bensalem, PA
Can help with: iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Logic Express, Web 2.0 Sites for music, Wiki's, SmartBoards, NewTek Tricaster, Technology Integration, Digital Still and Video Cameras, Diigo, IP Cams, Garageband, Audacity, Snow Leopard Server.
Special Interests: Digital Audio, Sequencing, Video Editing in Final Cut, Phillies!
Website: http://shafermusic.wikispaces.com and http://villanovavideo2010.wikispaces.com/
Skype: pianoman709
Twitter: pianoman709
Email: hwajda@bensalemsd.org
2010 Sessions: Collaborations in the Music World, Web 2.0 Music
2010 Sessions Facilitating: Digital Storytelling, Geocaching

Dwight Woodley

Middle School Principal, South Williamsport Area School District
Can help with: Web 2.0 Tools, iPad, iPods, iMovie, MovieMaker, iPhoto, iTunes, PowerPoint, Excel, Blogging, Wiki's, Discovery Streaming, Nettrekker, Technology Integration, & Digital Cameras
Special Interests: Anything Apple (Computers), Basketball
Skype: dwight.woodley
Twitter: dwoodley
email: dwoodley [at] mounties.k12.pa.us
2010 Sessions: Prezi; Ipad, SmyPad, What is this thing; KTI Principals Workshop
2010 Sessions Facilitating:

2010 Virtual Staff


Mike Baker

South Side Area School District, PAECT Board Member
Can help with: I feel comfortable helping with almost anything
Special Interests: FREE Tools, Connecting People, Online Learning, Collaboration and having a great time!
Website: Eduwiki.us : PAECT.org
Skype: leahmayagrace
Twitter: michaelbaker
Online Handle(s): eduwikius
Facebook: mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
LinkedIn: mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
email: mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
Diversity + Passion = Change


Kristin Hokanson

Upper Merion Area School District, PAECT Southeast Region Director
Faculty Affiliate Temple Media Lab
Can help with: All that connects us via Web2.0: Skype, ustream, wikispaces, blogs (21classes, edublogs, blogger), diigo, coveritlive, voicthread, flickr, googleaps.....DiscoveryStreaming, nettrekker, digital storytelling
Special Interests: Creative Commons & Fair Use of Media in Education Wikispaces in Education, & Getting Folks Connected, Google Tools
Skype: kristinhokanson
email: kristin.hokanson [at] gmail [dot] com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Kristin_Hokanson/516903269
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/khokanson
Online Handle: (diigo, flickr, twitter, plurk, pownce, wikispaces, slideshare, voicethread, glogster...) @khokanson
Second Life: Karra Constantine

Adjunct for the day

Kevin B. Conner, AIU3

Can help with: Moodle, TurningPoint, InterWrite Mobi, Instructional Design/Technology Integration, RSS, Wikis, Skype, SafariMontage Live!
Special Interests: Music, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee
Website: www.aiu3.net
Skype: kcinpittsburgh
Online Handle(s): Delicious/Flickr - kc_drums, VoiceThread/Twitter - kbconner
email: kevin.conner@aiu3.net