Make it all You Can Learn Buffet
Cathy Laguna & Diane Krause
BRKI - 165
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Stop controlling portion size and let your students learn all they can when you serve up differentiated lessons that integrate the LoTi H.E.A.T. framework and 21st Century Learning skills. Participants will use free online resources to transform their current lessons into All-You-Can-Learn lessons that entice students with variety, choices, enriching opportunities and the freedom to engage in learning at many different levels.

Note: The content for this session will be for all grade levels and content areas. It will be a mix of resources and hands on and we will create a useful artifact for you to use in your classes next year.


1. Get to know your guests - List ways to learn more about your students before you prepare the lessons you will be serving them.
2. Plan the menu - Research the learning targets or standards, then decide what level of achievement will be acceptable and what would constitute the ideal level of achievement.
3. Set the table - With your unique guests in mind choose a variety of activities that would meet the needs of a diverse group.
4. Whet their appetites for learning - Determine ways to provide a learning environment that makes students feel comfortable, safe, and free to create and explore.
5. Be prepared for second helpings - Develop a system for reflecting on the success of different activities with different students.
6. Did everyone get enough to eat? - Compare different methods of assessing student understanding and determining their level of achievement.
7. Save room for dessert - Consider ways to include an element of fun in each lesson since students will remember best what they most enjoyed learning.

Get to know your guests!

Instructions: To complete the survey, scroll through the questions and be sure to click "submit" at the end of the survey. Thanks!

Survey results - link to web page

Plan the Menu

What resources can be used to plan a differentiated lesson that is based on standards?

Set the Table

What are some different ways to deliver content to your students?

Whet their Appetites for Learning

How can you make a learning environment that entices students to learn more?
  • Make interactive flash cards/games with Quizlet
  • Make drawings, cartoons and movies with Kerpoof

Be Prepared for Second Helpings

What methods can be used to monitor the success of classroom activities so that you can provide more of what works?

Did They Get Enough To Learn?

What are some simple formative assessments that help you know who needs to learn more?

Leave Room for Dessert!

A meal without dessert is anticlimactic! What will you do to make your lesson memorable?
  • Create a fun project like a podcast

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