Digital Storytelling

Jason Heiser &Hank Wajda
Cole - 120
Tuesday 27th 2:50 pm VIRTUAL SESSION: uStream

Session Notes

In this session we will be looking at Digital Storytelling and how it can be used in the classroom. After a short discussion on the subject participants will be creating and sharing their videos at the end of the session. This is a very hands on session!

Below is the presentation shown:

Examples for the class

Cats v. Dogs Eg.

Rap song

Projects we will be working on in this session document

Projects Created in Training (took 35 minutes+ or - 5 minutes)

Plague Song

Geometry Walk Elem and HS

Argumentative "essay" Why dogs are better than cats (Audio/Video examples)

Health and Phys. Ed

Science Inventions

Virtual Participation & Session Recording