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This is a controlled membership wiki for attendees of the 2010 Keystone Summit.
Please don't forget to use the enrollment key in your invitation when you request to join!!!!

Summit & Beyond

New pages added to the wiki...described below.

Summit Creations

Did YOU create something cool at the summit? While the "Super Secret Project" was shared during the banquet many of you attended sessions where you got to do some hands on work. While some of this was shared at small group, we'd ALL love the opportunity to see what you've done. Did you make a video, or glogster a wiki or a pen cast you are particularly proud of? Please add it to the Summit Creations page


Do you have something cool planned for your action plan that you care to share? What are you going to do in your class this that adds HEAT? Check out these 4 new pages: Lead, Connect, Innovate, Explore and share your ideas with US.

Join the KTI Group or Fan The Page and connect with your colleagues for after hours on FB. Expand your PLN!

KTI Facebook Group


KTI Class of 2010


Here is the Group Picture on the last day of the Summit.
It is 3000 X 2000 Pixels, and will look great when looked at full size. Download it and
be sure to zoom in on all of your new friends. It was a pleasure working with you. Hank Wajda
Check out the Summit Photostream, updated Friday, July 30, 2010. CLICK HERE

Attendee Directory

Don't forget to add yourself to the Attendee Directory page. It is now alphabetized making it easier to find one another. DON'T FORGET to add your twitter handle. Here is a list of KTIs now on twitter. Feel free to follow the list to stay connected to the colleagues you met here.

Keystone ListServ

Use the link below to stay connected to your KTI colleagues!


All recorded sessions should now be appearing on the session wiki pages. If you find a session that you thought was recorded but is not showing, please contact
kristin.hokanson(at)gmail.com with the session title, day and time and I will look into it ENJOY!!!!


PLEASE TAG ALL THINGS--blog entries, photos, videos & podcasts KTI2010
From Wikipedia
A folksonomy is a user-generated taxonomy used to categorize and retrieve web content such as Web pages, photographs and Web links, using open-ended labels called tags. When posting pictures, reflections, etc. online, tag them with "kti2010" so that other people can find them during and after the summit. If you have a flickraccount and have images you want to share, please tag these photos kti2010 and join the Keystone Flickr Group to add your favorites.
All images will be shared in the Keystone under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0.

2010 Photo Stream

Summit Photostream
Here is a link to all pictures on Flickr tagged KTI2010

Summit Tweets

Here are all of the tweets from Saturday July 24th tagged #kti2010 on Twitter. You can click replay to see many great ideas, thoughts and links shared for the KTI2010 summit

Keystone Commons

Visit Keystone Commons and join in on the discussions. You will find a variety of topics being discussed by your colleagues from across the state as well as many examples of how teachers are using Keystone Commons to enhance student projects.

Calling all Mentors!

Join the Keystone Technology Mentors group in Keystone Commons. http://keystonecommons.paiunet.org/



A video tribute to KTI 2010 (parody of the Beastie Boys "Girls")

KTI 2010 - TECH! from Jennifer Brinson on Vimeo.


Turn Up the Heat

In case you are missing KTI already, check out this new music video...you should have gotten wiki mail (top right corner of this page if you are logged in) but I wanted to be sure to post it here as well.

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